Discover a world of culinary delights at our restaurant, where we offer a variety of international and local cuisine. Our menu features a delicious selection of meats, seafood, vegetarian dishes and much more. Our chefs use only the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to create culinary masterpieces. End your meal on a sweet note with our handmade desserts made special, and experience the best food & beverage in the area.


At Saraya Rum Private Luxury Camp, be treated to sumptuous room service, including delectable meals and thirst-quenching drinks. Revel in the lavishness of this desert haven. Luxuriate in the comfort of your own space and relish the delectable cuisine that is served to you. Your desert stay will be an unforgettable one.


A top-notch laundry service, ensuring your clothes are sparkling clean. Enjoy a spotless, impeccable wardrobe while staying in your luxurious tent. Rejoice in the luxury of clean garments.


Through special arrangements, we can provide transportation for our clients from any location in Jordan to our Saraya Rum private luxury camp.

We offer free parking at the Wadi Rum visitor center and 4x4 parking at Saraya Camp that is safe.


Our Outside Catering and Incentive Camping service specializes in creating a temporary camp for your dinner party or special event. Our expert planners and chefs create a tailored menu and atmosphere, including a Bedouin-inspired decor, delicious cuisine and post-dinner party paradise. Book your unique and unforgettable event with us today.


Experience the magic of Wadi Rum like never before with Saraya Private Luxury Camp. Watch the sun dip below the horizon as the desert transforms into a fiery wonderland. Sip on a refreshing drink and take in the serenity of the desert as the stars light up the night sky.


Host your next special occasion amidst the breathtaking beauty of Wadi Rum at Saraya Rum Private Luxury Camp. Impress your guests with a luxurious setup, both inside and outside, that will leave them in awe. Enjoy exclusive access to the camp's picturesque surroundings and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you're celebrating a milestone, hosting a corporate event or gathering with friends and family, Saraya Rum Private Luxury Camp offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable event.