After 30 years of desert experience, Saraya Rum Private Luxury Camp rises in the middle of the spectacular Wadi Rum desert. Tucked in a special location surrounded by the sandstone mountains and the different colors of soft sand terrain, Saraya Rum Private Luxury Camp is unique. Offering guests 5-star accommodation and service.

Our main aim is to have our guests live a unique and unforgettable experience while staying with us. Saraya Rum Private Luxury Camp is your gateway to enjoy and participate in memorable desert activities such as camel riding, horseback riding, 4×4 vehicle trips, trekking, hiking, and hot air ballooning all inside the desert of Wadi Rum. As it is located inside the desert, away from any tourist activities and located off the beaten track, it is the best location to be as the experience and listen to the silence of the desert and relax while enjoying the magnificent views surrounding it any time of the day. And at night, one can enjoy the millions of stars above as the camp is away from any kind of light pollution.

At sunset or sunrise, one can enjoy how the reflection of the sun changes the color of the majestic sandstone mountains surrounding the area.

Wadi Rum was described by E. T Lawrence Of Arabia as a majestic and breathtaking location. At Saraya Rum Private Luxury Camp, we are very happy to offer you Jordanian Bedouin traditional hospitality. Our team has extensive experience exploring this rich and enchanting desert. We know all the unique off-the-beaten-track spots and ultimately how to create a life-changing experience for our guests to go back home and share with their loved ones and friends.





The best Bedouin and oriental food, rooms with two sides of panorama, the comfortable bedding rooms, the special cloth designed with best location.

We have been able since 1990 to gain experience in organizing various desert programs and how to understand our customers’ needs, Providing programs that fits perfectly with what the are looking for in the desert, Professional staff to serve the guests in high level of service, In addition to our relationship with more than 75 travel agents in Jordan. Certainly, we offer the best rates for our visitors.

    Very newly rises Saraya in a very unique location with very unique luxury panoramic rooms, with modern designed inside and Bedouin style outside view.
  • -Unique and modern hotelier kitchen.
  • -Unique food serving utensils.
  • -Unique Bedouin royal restaurant.



Jeep Riding


Camel Ride




Hot Baloon


Horse Riding


Adrenalin Booster

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