SARAYA RUM PRIVATE LUXURY CAMP proudly that we are the first and the best in traditional cuisine in Wadi Rum.

Our  Chefs very well educated and many years of experience to offer the uniqueness  presentation and the taste of our special various dishes.

Our royal dining are prepared with features  table and benches decorated with typical Bedouin luxury cloth .

Saraya Rum Gala dinner and breakfast in Saraya Rum  ;

  Tthe typical Bedouin ( Zarb ) which cooked under the ground foe 3-4 hours ( Lamb , Beef, chicken  ,with Vegetables , potato, Carrots , Zukini )

In additional to our various kind of Salads, various kind of typical Jordanian dishes . Bukhari , Maqluba ( Up side down ) , Steamed rice …………..

Sweets-  Typical Jordanian kenafeh , Baqlawa with pistachio , and other special sweets.

Fruits – Seasonal fruits.


 Intercontinental breakfast , Various kind of Cheese  , Various kind of Jam and Honey

Plain croissant , French bread , Arabic bread .

Arabic breakfast – Labeneh , Homos, Station of cooking eggs , Manaqeesh ( Thyme and olive oil )

Tomato slides , pickles ……etc.

Station of Arabic bread , French , Croissant.

Important note;

For our guests whom are district or allergies we are ready to offer them their dish requested.


Out side catering under authentic Bedouin tent.

 SARAYA RUM PRIVATE LUXURY CAMP   as we are in the heart of Wadi Rum  we can offer our clients  special Authentic Bedouin incentive dinner or lunch in any area in the desert.

We are fully equip to give you a very uniqueness experience and memorable one.


Wadi Rum, Jordan
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